Termites are extremely destructive pests that can cause damage to many structures. On the other hand, Subterranean termites are small soft pale pests that can live in colonies of up to 1 million. If you don't take action, these pests will cost thousands of dollars off your saved monies. Are you insured for this? NO. All Australian homeowners need to have a regular inspection to combat termite damage

Here at City Pest, we quite often see the after-effects of not having the house inspected or controlled for termites. The damage to the structure does not just hurt your pocket but can also emotionally affect you too. 

Don't delay, we work to the Australian Standards - A.S.3660 (2)(3)

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Pre-Purchase Inspection & Yearly Inspection

These types of inspections are, as they sound, conducted when a property is being sold and the prospective buyer needs a pest report to the premises or for protecting their home with a yearly inspection. What happens is one of our fully trained technicians will come round and carry out this detailed inspection for you. On completion, his work has not finished there. Our technician will then complete a report on a computer advising of any findings. This comprehensive report generally comes with 9-13 pages with detailed pictures and information/facts about the inspection.

In and Around Termite building inspection.

This is the inspection all properties should be getting every 12 months minimum. Our trained technician will carry out a full inspection using all tools required and approved within the A.S.3660(2) standard. On completion, his work has yet to finish there. Our technician will then write the complete-a-report on a computer advising of any findings. This comprehensive report generally comes with 7-10 pages with detailed pictures and information/facts.

Termite Management Systems.

Sometimes it's just best to invest that little more in your property. There are important tools we as pest technicians can use to prevent severe damage in your property. Systems that include an advanced bait and monitoring program that we can use to assist in stopping the attack. Also, we have advanced approved chemicals that can be applied deep into the foundations to prevent and kill termite presence. It takes just a few seconds to call us to invest and maintain your assets.


We maintain to the

Australian Standards for Termites

What are the costs if I have Termites in my home?

Costs vary depending on areas and sizes of houses so the below costs are ball-park figures based on recent treatments undertaken.

Quick fix cost $300 to $610 inc

City pest control offers a quick fix treatment to an area affected by termites. What we will do is treat the area with a foam or chemical treatment with a repeatable termiticide that uses a non-repellent formula. This will actively kill the termites, and possibly their colony (no guarantee), in the affected area.

Termite colony procedures. $700 to $1000 inc

Here, the procedure becomes a little more evasive. City pest control will be looking to kill the colony including the termite Queen. This will entail additional findings and evasive foaming, spraying of Bait boxes being fixed to affected areas as much as possible to allow the product to reach and kill the Queen. This is a long service that can be taken over weeks or months however effective, with good end results.

The Termite Barrier. $1800 to $3900 inc

The procedure is to dig or drill a trench to the footings of the property and apply a termiticide to the correct amount of liters to the exact trench depth and distance to ensure a termite-free home for up to 8 years.

Please request a quote from our technicians as we can discuss a tailored service for you.

Baiting System. $1250 to $3500 inc

This procedure is quite common in Canberra at the moment as it is easier to install to many homes and can be monitored by our trained technicians. There are pros and cons to each system. Different companies offer different monitoring costs. Our monitoring costs are $17 per week

All work conducted by our team is to Australian standards. All work will be completed with the relevant paperwork and support.

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