Rats it or Rats not it.

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Rats are here and here to stay unless you live in Antarctica due to the lack of human inhabitants and th extreme cold conditions. So Canberra you will still have to deal with these vermin. City Pest Control has noticed an increased number of these pests getting into homes and causing havoc, so here is what you can do out a pest control company.

Many people have phobias about Rats . When i was a child i remember having a nightmare having a nightmare over them. My fault i should not have read James Herbert - The Rats as a 7 years old child. Now as a pest technician i have a little more respect for them. Imagine a creature that killed millions of people in Europe through the disease the plague (Black Death). Although the Rat was involved it was the fleas (Oriental rat flea) that hitched a ride on rats.

So why respect them? because they are clever. People assume that only dirty homes or commercial premises must only have these pests. Wrong, many factors can cause these creatures to come near or in your home. Water, domestic chickens and food, waste , rubbish and even dog food when you feed your dog outside attracts these amazingly clever rodents.

So here are a few ways to minimise contact with them.

  1. Call a good pest company to bait areas

  2. Keep areas clutter free around your home.

  3. Don't leave pet food bowls out after feeding.

  4. Try to fill in all holes around your property,even small ones.

  5. Stop leaking garden taps it can cause more issues as well as rats like termites.

Honestly, if the want to come in they will. What you need to do is get your house treated to insure it doesn't become an infestation.

So call the guys at City Pest Control on 02 6100 8444 for a quote .

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