Pest Control. Expectations vrs Reality

Updated: Feb 9

It's one of those questions that never gets asked, but needs to be addressed. What will you get from a pest control company like City Pest control Services or any other related business. I have seen and worked for the biggest company in Australia and was surprised by what i saw.

My opinion from what i saw is A National Company will be strongly looking at there financial bottom line always. So, staff are pushed to QUICKLY complete a job within a time limit and get to their next job. Why so fast, their technicians are working faster to receive more income to pay vast overheads, obviously. However, instead of taking on more staff, technicians are expected to work 12 - 14 hour shifts and work alternate weekends in 35-40 degree heat. So as a client do you think a technician will full care about what you are expecting to receive from him ? In reality, on a low wage, at hour 9 of his working day he or she is probably mentally drained and over all the focus he is expected to maintain.

***City Pest Control under my directions , don't work more than 8 hour days and are instructed to ensure the customer gets top value every time. We want our customers back****

Another issue observed was the lack of maintenance and repairs that happened in the National Company. Firstly taking chemicals was always considered to be wasting company money and no consideration was taken about the amount of work conducted by the staff. So it was observed at times that chemicals and other products were withheld or reduced from operations to maintain company monthly budgets. The impact left the customer receiving less product and the technician praying that the customer wouldn't call upon the warranty .

***City Pest Control Services only use what works, Any knew products are tested before they are used with our clients. We use all chemicals to the required SDS/instructions to get the best outcome with no callbacks.***


My bias belief, although if you have read this i have i have made you consider the options is this. We mostly all have the same equipment. We mostly all use the same chemicals and we all have similar insurances. What has to be considered is this is reality there are difference happening between the Client and the Pest Company and those differences because of the pressures happening at corporate level which won't change, Shareholders need their monies, Others need their BIG bonuses.

My belief is, the small local local company will offer a personal service to you allowing more time to be spent doing the things that need to be done to ensure a standard is maintained. As with City Pest control , we have worked national , we are different because we have the time to care.

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