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Flying Insects

Flies have a mobile head, with a pair of large compound eyes, and mouthparts designed for piercing and sucking (mosquitoes, black flies, and robber flies), or for lapping and sucking in the other groups. Their wing arrangement gives them great maneuverability in flight, and claws and pads on their feet enable them to cling to smooth surfaces. Flies undergo complete metamorphosis; the eggs are laid on the larval food-source and the larvae, which lack true limbs, develop in a protected environment, often inside their food source. The pupa is a tough capsule from which the adult emerges when ready to do so; flies mostly have short lives as adults.

What we do at City Pest Control Services to deal with Flies.

There are a few options with flies and probably some of them would be good for residential premises and not so good for commercial and visa-versa. We have our well designed fluorescent fly catchers with glue boards or our Fly bait pastes/spray used to kill and move on those annoying pests. There are many options to long to list so give us a call and lets us discuss your best options.

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