Here are our frequent questions answered:

Q 1.      You have sprayed my house and garden will I see spiders again?

Ans.     You could for a while until the pest comes in contact with the product. Also, remember you could                     bring pests in from other buildings or homes.  

Q 2.      Why are ants not included in a house spray treatment?

Ans.     Our product does kill ants, however, our chemical will not be able to stop an ant attack from coming                    into the home without special chemicals similar to how we treat Termites. Our Premium ant                              treatment offers such a solution.

Q 3.      Should I really get a termite inspection yearly?

Ans.     YES YES and YES. Termites are terrible in Canberra and Queanbeyan. If left alone you could end up                   with serious damage. We recently saw a house with $42,000 worth of damage. Ouch  

Q 4.      Are the chemicals dangerous to me or my pets?

Ans.     The chemicals are only toxic when being applied or while wet. All areas are safe after this time. We                     expect most areas to be dry after approximately 2 hours. 

Q 5.      Do we have to leave the house?

Ans.     Yes. If you have any health issues or concerns then yes. Otherwise, you can just keep your distance                   and allow our technicians to do their job.  

Q 6.      I HAVE been quoted cheaper, why are you more expensive?

Ans.     Like any job, a person does, there are people who can do it CHEAPER. However, does that mean                       you're getting the same service? Are you getting a qualified pest technician? Are they insured or is                   your house being sprayed with just water? Will you be handing your money over and never seeing                   them again?. We are a small local business, qualified and insured and we only use real, quality                           chemicals proven to do the job well.

Q 7.      Do your chemicals smell bad?

Ans.     Most of our chemicals are low odor dependant on the job and what we are required to control.                           However internally we mostly use low odor items. 

Q 8.      How do I pay you?

Ans.     Most cards are excepted and of course cash (receipts provided )

Q 9.      Do I need to do anything before you visit?

Ans.     Yes. The main things are, Put all foods away, move items off the floor the best you can (Toys, shoes                   and clothing). If you have pets, remove all bowls, toys, etc. Don't worry, all technicians will look                         around before we start. 

Q 10.     What types of house sprays do you do?

Ans.     We can do Internal and External inc roof void and sub-floor or just the external of the property. For                   external services, we don't just handle the house, but we also do fencelines, around brickwork clothes               lines plus a lot more. Our company does premium work only.

Q 11.      How many insects does your product protect from?

Ans.     .Spiders, Silverfish,clothes moths, millipedes, earwigs, cockroaches

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