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We love to see our clients happy knowing that the job that has been completed was done by trained staff who are happy to answer any questions they may have.
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Our experts have experienced all kinds of issues in all industries. From educational institutes, hospitals, hotels, and most food environments.
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Here at City Termite & Pest Control Services, we are aware that this service has to be done correctly. Our experienced technicians will get into all areas of your home with the latest technology available to inspect for termite activity.

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City Termite & Pest Control Services continue to operate under strict guidelines and audits for the work we do. this is to ensure we meet all Australian Standards. We are proud to be registered members of AEPMA and to be a PestCert Accredited Business to show our clients that we undertake all work to the required level of excellence.

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We are a dedicated team that has had many different life experiences in business. We are proud to be a local company in Canberra and Queanbeyan. We are fully trained and equipped for most, if not all, pest control issues. We are working with big hotel chains, food outlets, and for Jane our old lady down the street. We offer our services to ALL our valued new and old clients. Our work comes with a WARRANTY.

No matter what the premises, we are able to implement an effective pest management system to ensure your property receives the best results.


Our expert Technicians are state-licensed and certified. All our methods, chemicals and treatments are safe and compliant to ALL Australian Standards


City Termite & Pest Control Services offers timely, pro-active prevention with minimum impact on your family, home life, and budget. That makes us one of the best affordable services.


We treat your home as if it was our own. We keep our appointments and deliver our best service every time we visit your premises.


Every day, more customers choose us as their preferred pest control company because we provide a trusted service, assured results and our 6 month guarantee*.


At City Termite & Pest Control Services, we are providing after-sales service which ensures that our customers are satisfied with the services of the company.

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Eliminate TEN pests with one treatment from your premises with City Pest Control Services.
Spiders,Cockroaches,Millipedes, Silverfish,Slater’s,Clothes moths*,Earwigs,Pantry moths*, Millipedes, Mud wasps* and Paper wasps*
*Elimination only if present at the time of pest treatment.